Dena’s GTD Story

What works for you to get your GTD Weekly Reviews done?

Dena, a longtime GTD Connect member, shared:

I have found a way to love my Weekly Reviews. I have a to go bag that has empty essential folders (Inbox, Receipts, Bills, To File, To Scan, Action/Project and Trash) plus some basic small office supplies (paperclips, post-its, pens, etc).

I put the contents of my inbox (usually a couple of inches worth… I should be emptying it more frequently, but no one’s died yet.) into the Inbox folder. Then I pack it all up, head to a local restaurant at lunchtime and order something that won’t get cold.

One by one I take an item out of the Inbox file and delegate it to another of the folders. Anything that simply needs to be added to a list goes back in the Inbox folder (Nobody scream at me! I’ve got a plan!) Usually halfway through my lunch all of the delegation has been done and I am left with a small pile of items in the Inbox folder. I empty it out again, pull out my lists (I use an ARC-type of paper-based system) and transfer all of the items.

When I get home I file the receipts, pay or file bills, file the file-ables, scan the scan-ables (or put them in the To Scan file drawer), transfer Action/Project support to the home A/P folder and – I save the most rewarding for last – trash the trash. Oh… and I tip at the restaurant really well because these wonderful people never rush me and keep my iced teas refilled.

That’s the way I love my Reviews.