GTD® story by Komal Thakkar

Komal Thakkar have practiced GTD® – The art of stress fress productivity  for over 15 years. GTD has created a balance in her life to an extent that she said: “I am unable to imagine life without GTD now! It is completely integrated with my life and allows me to be present in whatever I […]

About David Allen

Careers He grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana where he acted and won a state championship in debate. He went to college at New College, now New College of Florida, in Sarasota, Florida, and completed graduate work in American history at University of California, Berkele. After graduate school, he began using heroin and was briefly institutionalized. […]

10 Reasons why GTD is like Karate

For years I have woven the martial arts metaphor in and through my writing, training and coaching about the Getting Things Done® methodology. I had the good fortune to be able to study karate for several years in my twenties, and my familiarity with that field gave me a rich context of images and concepts […]