Getting Things Done® – the art of stress-free productivity, usually named GTD® was created by David Allen in the 1980s which has been successfully applied around the world.

David Allen was recognized as one of Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts List. (Inc, top business American magazine).

At the global GTD® conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in September 2018, David Allen excitedly shared about the cooperation opportunities and prospects to develop Getting Things Done® become the most preferred training course in Vietnam.

About Us

With mission to provide practical values for individuals and businesses, from April 2018, STEP Co. Ltd. is an exclusive partner of the David Allen Company (USA), and holds a franchisee license to organize GTD® training courses in Vietnam.

STEP team has spent almost 2 years to meet all the gloabal standard criteria of David Allen Academy (USA) and officially implemented ” GTD® – THE ART OF STRESS-FREE PRODUCTIVITY” on January 2020.

To help individuals and businesses understand more clearly about the value of  GTD®, we will regularly organize 12 seminars and 64 GTD® training course experience for leaders of companies and corporations this year.

About STEP